Chicago Sports Radio Hosts Find Out They Got Fired While On Air (Video)


A Chicago radio station just set the standard on how to not treat employees.

Tribune Media’s 87.7 FM The Game is folding at the end of the year because of low ratings, but apparently they did not let their employees know about it until after they found out through social media on Friday.

Hosts Ben Finfer and Alex Quigley were doing their show as usual, when they found out about the station folding on Twitter during a commercial break through Chicago media columnist Robert Feder.

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Needless to say, Finfer and Quigley were not happy about the mistreatment from their bosses.

“I don’t understand,” Finfer said on air. “Why is it so hard to tell your employees that they’re losing their jobs? Why do they have to find out that way? Isn’t there anybody here that has respect for employees?”

Finfer went on to read Feder’s report and said that he has never received this kind of treatment from any of his bosses.

“I saw those guys today they were acting like everything is normal,” Finfer jolted.

And even though he continued to do the show during the following segment, he was in no mood to do so.

“I don’t care about the Bulls and the Blackhawks. We just got fired.”

See the full rant below.

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