Chris Simms is back to spouting nonsense.

The former NFL quarterback and current Bleacher Report analyst joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Felger and Massarotti” on Thursday, and he still was insistent that Tom Brady is not a top-five NFL quarterback. But his reasons for leaving the New England Patriots’ signal-caller off the list were, well, strange.

“My kids know that Shrek is not real,” Simms said. “What are we going to say, that Tom Brady’s the best quarterback in year 25 of his career when he’s 50 years old? I mean, the dream has to end at some point. I have the ultimate respect for him, but at this point in his career, for me to say he’s in Aaron Rodgers’ or Andrew Luck’s class? I’m sorry, I just cannot say that.”

Simms told Felger and Mazz that his top five, in order, consists of Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning. But how Simms came to this conclusion is a mystery, even after his explanation.

“(Manning’s) got the greatest collection of weapons around him the NFL has ever seen,” Simms said, giving a better reason to put Brady ahead of Manning rather than behind him. “I just give him a slight edge over Tom right now, really more just because more is on his shoulders week to week, and his passing game has to carry that organization.”

But it gets better. Simms also said Luck is better than Brady because he doesn’t have running back Jonas Gray as an option. Yup, the guy who had 32 carries, 131 yards and zero touchdowns in his career before his historic performance Sunday.

“If Andrew Luck doesn’t throw for 400 yards and four touchdowns, they can’t win a game,” Simms said. “He doesn’t have Jonas Gray and the offensive line the New England Patriots do where they can run for 250 yards in a game. … I don’t think anybody bears the weight of the organization on their shoulders week in and week out more than Andrew Luck.”

Statistically, you can make a case to keep Brady out of the top five. He has the most wins in the league, but he has his ups and downs elsewhere. But if Simms is going off this season’s stats alone, Russell Wilson should be nowhere near the top either. Simms also said Brady is more than capable of leading the Patriots to a Super Bowl, so why he doesn’t believe Brady is talented enough beats us.

It looks as though Simms’ reasoning, like Shrek, doesn’t exist.

Photo via Thomas J. Russo/USA TODAY Sports Images