Curt Schilling’s Son Accidentally Brings Toy Grenade To Logan Airport


Some kids spend their Saturdays watching cartoons.

Others accidentally send Logan International Airport into chaos.

One of Curt Schilling’s three sons on Saturday blurted that he had left one of his toys in his bag while the family was being screened at the TSA security checkpoint.

That toy happened to be a fake grenade.

The former Boston Red Sox pitcher said that police and TSA agents with walkie talkies later showed up and moved everyone 50 yards away.

Authorities finally realized what was really going on and came to the conclusion that Schilling’s son was not a national threat after the TSA questioned the family in a private room.

Fortunately, there were no delays and Schilling said that the TSA “could not have been cooler once they realized what was happening.”

Thumbnail photo via Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports Images

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