A reputation as the best goalkeeper in the world isn’t enough for Manuel Neuer. He might also be a pretty good outfield player if given the chance.

The Bayern Munich goalkeeper demonstrated his impressive foot-skills Saturday in his team’s 4-0 win over Eintracht Frankfurt in Germany’s Bundesliga (first division).

In the second half a teammate passed the ball backwards to Neuer. Knowing that he couldn’t control it with his hands, Neuer, 28, simply used the back of his heel to pass the ball out of the air to a nearby teammate.

Neuer’s technique impressed Eintracht Frankfurt head coach Thomas Schaaf, who only could nod in approval at the opposing goalkeeper’s skills.

Manuel Neuer

Neuer has always been known as a top shot-stopper. He added mobility and boldness to his resume during the 2014 World Cup with a string of outstanding, “sweeper-keeper” performances in Brazil. Now, we only can assume that Neuer has all the tools to play just about any position in the sport.

The victory helped first-place Bayern Munich open up a seven point lead atop the Bundesliga standings.

GIF via Reddit

Thumbnail photo by Twitter/@IndySport