He’s baaaaack.

LeGarrette Blount’s short stint with the Pittsburgh Steelers ended Tuesday with his release, and now he’s back in New England, where he spent the 2013 season. He couldn’t be happier.

The running back took to Twitter on Thursday, the day he officially signed a two-year contract with the Patriots, to show just how pumped he was. [tweet https://twitter.com/LG_Blount/status/535566090697707521 align=’center’]

Blount certainly echoed Tom Brady’s sentiments, as the quarterback posted a celebratory Facebook video earlier in the day. But Brady wasn’t the only Boston celeb to publicly express his feelings. Donnie Wahlberg also was thrilled about Blount’s return to New England. [tweet https://twitter.com/DonnieWahlberg/status/535469665439735808 align=’center’]

In his string of tweets, Blount also apologized to the Steelers organization, as he didn’t leave on the best of terms. The Steelers waived Blount less than 24 hours after he left the field early following his zero carries in Monday night’s win over the Tennessee Titans.

Blount expressed regret for how he handled the situation and issued an apology to his former teammates and to Steelers fans. [tweet https://twitter.com/LG_Blount/status/535572773402583040 align=’center’] [tweet https://twitter.com/LG_Blount/status/535573019117518848  align=’center’]