NCAA To Rename ‘Rounds of 64 and 32’ To ‘First And Second Rounds’ In 2016


The first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament will officially make sense again in 2016. 

The NCAA has decided to call the “Round of 64” and “Round of 32” by the much simpler terms of “first” and “second” rounds.

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The tournament’s opening weekend consists of the “first four” teams who compete to play in the so-called second round of the tournament against a top seed. However, the whole round-naming situation has gotten overly complicated in years past.

What many refer to as the second round of the tournament is actually the first round for the majority of the teams. This leads to a bunch of confusion, as the first round technically takes place on the opening weekend of March Madness.

Luckily, this bizarre naming of rounds will be put to an end in the 2016 edition of the tournament, though, it would certainly be nice if we didn’t have to deal with it once more when the 2015 tourney rolls around.

Thumbnail photo via Mark Zerof/USA TODAY Sports Images

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