Alex RodriguezAlex Rodriguez finally has admitted what everyone suspected for so long: He did, in fact, use steroids.

The Miami Herald reviewed a 15-page synopsis of a meeting the New York Yankees third baseman had with the Drug Enforcement Administration in which he admitted everything.

Rodriguez was granted immunity and admitted to buying performance-enhancing drugs from Biogenesis. Rodriguez also admitted to paying $12,000 per month to Anthony Bosch, who owned the clinic. Bosch gave Rodriguez syringes for hormone injections, Rodriguez admitted, according to the Miami Herald.

According to the report, Rodriguez ultimately reported to purchasing testosterone cream, testosterone lozenges and human growth hormone injections.

The reported admission comes after Rodriguez has reportedly denied any sort of PED use.

Rodriguez was slapped with a 162-game suspension prior to the 2014 regular season over PED accusations. He shot back at Major League Baseball after being handed that suspension.

“This is one man’s decision that was not put before a fair and impartial jury,” Rodriguez said at the time, “does not involve me having failed a single drug test, is at odds with the facts and is inconsistent with the terms of the Joint Drug Agreement and the Basic Agreement, and relies on testimony and documents that would never have been allowed in any court in the United States because they are false and wholly unreliable.”

Photo via Anthony Gruppuso/USA TODAY Sports Images