Matt Calvert’s goal against the Boston Bruins wasn’t a difference-maker, but it still came with some controversy.

During the second period of the Bruins’ matchup with the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday, Dougie Hamilton sent the puck toward the Jackets’ net, where it deflected off Chris Kelly and into the spectator netting at Nationwide Arena. Under NHL rules, the play should have been ruled dead, and the clock should have been reset to the time of the play. This rule was created last season after the same thing happened during a Los Angeles Kings-Detroit Red Wings game.

Instead, Calvert scored a goal just over a minute later to put the Blue Jackets ahead 5-2.

The goal was good, and the NHL released a statement via email shortly after.

“According to Rule 85.1, play shall be stopped when the puck hits the spectator netting, unless it goes unnoticed by the on-ice officials, in which case ‘play shall continue as normal and resulting play with the puck shall be deemed a legitimate play,'” the statement says. “Since play continued and the puck was not directed into the net as an immediate result of hitting the spectator netting, this is not a reviewable play and the on-ice decision stands: good goal Columbus.”

Check out the play on the Amica Coverage Cam in the video above.

Thumbnail photo via Greg Bartram/USA TODAY Sports Images