College football games that end in double overtime are pretty rare. Double-OT games played on Monday afternoons are even more rare. But the craziest part of the Miami Beach Bowl came after the final whistle.

BYU and Memphis squared off in a thriller that kicked off at 2 p.m. at Marlins Park, the home stadium of the Miami Marlins. Memphis booted a 55-yard field goal to send the game into double overtime, scored on an 11-yard touchdown pass in the second OT, then sealed a wild 55-48 win with an interception on BYU’s next drive.

After that, things went haywire.

As Memphis celebrated its victory, two players appeared to bump into each other, and the Tigers player wasn’t too pleased.

The altercation started a massive fight marred by some ugly incidents. Tigers lineman Chase Johnson took a swing at a Cougars player with his helmet, while BYU defensive back Kai Nacua — whose face already was covered in blood — repeatedly punched a Memphis player in the back of the head.