Highlights for New York Jets receivers have been few and far between this season (and pretty much forever), but Chris Owusu did his part to change that Sunday.

Owusu made what’s easily the front-runner for catch of the week in the first quarter of New York’s game with the Minnesota Vikings.

It sure looked like Owusu was about to drop a pass from Geno Smith. The ball hit Owusu right in the hands and went up in the air. As that was happening, Owusu was being slammed to the ground. However, Owusu had the presence of mind to reach up and grab the ball as it came floating to the ground where he lay.

owusu.0The grab was just the 18th of Owusu’s three-year career. If he continues to put in efforts like that, though, he might be looking at a few more opportunities to add to that number.

GIF via SB Nation