One of the perks of NFL RedZone is seven hours of commercial-free football.

But that also means we can’t see the multitude of Peyton Manning commercials that have populated our television screens for over a decade.

The Denver Broncos quarterback would be completely OK with this. That’s because he can’t stand seeing his commercials — especially when he’s with his teammates.

“I change the channel immediately,” he said, according to The Denver Post. “If other teammates are in the room, I run out of the room. I don’t want to hear the abuse coming my way. I don’t watch a ton of TV so I don’t see a lot of it but that is what I do, I change the channel. Nobody should be caught watching themselves on a commercial.”

Manning was even trolled by one of his teammates, Mitch Unrein, when chicken parmesan sandwiches were served in the Broncos’ cafeteria. The quarterback stars in a Nationwide commercial in which he sings, “Chicken parm, you taste so good,” to the tune of the insurance company’s jingle.

“They served (chicken parm) the other day in the cafeteria and Mitch Unrein sang the little jingle tune and he said he just couldn’t help it,” Manning said. “It was a layup. I just served it right up to him.”

As much as he hates seeing himself in commercials, the rest of us hope the quarterback continues to try to sell us products on national TV.

H/t to The Big Lead
Thumbnail photo via Denny Medley/USA TODAY Sports Images