The Dallas Mavericks held a press conference for newly acquired players Rajon Rondo and Dwight Powell on Friday, and things got awkward fast.

On the very first question, a reporter asked Rondo why he chose to come to Dallas. Rondo, of course, didn’t really have a say in the matter, as he and Powell were traded there by the Boston Celtics on Thursday. The point guard’s reaction was priceless.

To his credit, Rondo very politely answered, “It wasn’t my decision” after being unable to suppress a smirk. Mavs owner Mark Cuban, on the other hand, burst out laughing the second the reporter asked the question.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@dallasmavs

Photo of the Night

Adidas sent the Wisconsin Badgers basketball team warmups with the University of Cincinnati’s mascot on them. Whoops.

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Tweet of the Night

The Toronto Raptors unveiled their new logo Friday. The Brooklyn Nets noticed it looked extremely similar to their own, so they called out their rivals on Twitter.

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Video of the Night

Rondo made a trick pass video with the Celtics just before being dealt to the Mavericks, and it’ll definitely make Boston fans miss him.