If you hated the neon-colored uniforms that players sported during the 2014 Pro Bowl and hoped for a return of the classic red, white and blue … well, you’re out of luck.

Nike unveiled Wednesday the new duds for the 2015 installment of the NFL’s all-Star game, and they bear a strong resemblance to the ones worn last January.

Once again, players from both conferences will be thrown into what amounts to a fantasy draft, with Cris Carter and Michael Irvin making the selections. Team Carter will sport the neon green-trimmed unis, while Team Irvin will rock the gray and orange.

pro bowl 1

pro bowl 2

pro bowl 3

pro bowl 4

pro bowl 6

pro bowl 7

pro bowl 8

For reference, here’s what last season’s uniforms looked like:

NFL: Pro Bowl

Sunday’s game will differ from its predecessor in one way, however, as it’ll be held at University of Phoenix Stadium — the site of Super Bowl XLIX — rather than Hawaii’s Aloha Stadium.

The Pro Bowl draft is scheduled for 8 p.m. Wednesday. Since the game is being held the weekend before the Super Bowl, players from the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks aren’t eligible.

Photos via Facebook/NFL and Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Images