Wasn’t this story supposed to be over with?

Even though many were hoping New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick’s Saturday afternoon press conference would put DeflateGate stories to rest for a while, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” had to chime in Sunday. Apparently, the fact that people jokingly made “Bill Belichick the Science Guy” memes was enough to merit further explanation.

On “Good Morning America,” Nye used red balloons with laces drawn on (seriously) to show that Belichick’s theory that rubbing footballs could have an effect on the air pressure “didn’t make any sense.” Nye, however, didn’t mention any of the other 10,000 explanations Belichick gave, at least not in the short clip that’s been circulating around the Internet.

Oh, and Nye also happens to be a Seattle Seahawks fan. Go figure.

We’re not here to say whether Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is right or wrong. The folks over at HeadSmart Labs at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University already supported Belichick’s claims before his press conference, and there’ll undoubtedly be a lot more scientists speaking for both sides of the matter before it’s resolved.

But none of these claims or theories will amount to anything because the NFL is going to make a decision regardless of what everyone wants the outcome to be. So until then, there’s really no need for any more science guys who aren’t employed by the league to be giving their two cents.