If this whole basketball thing doesn’t work out for Chris Bosh, he might have a future in making buddy cop movies.

Funny or Die cast the Miami Heat big man as “mild-mannered meter maid” Chris Justice, who came out of retirement Wednesday for the second installment of “Tall Justice.” The first parody trailer premiered in 2010.

In the sequel, Bosh returns to the force to find out who’s been tampering with parking signs around town. They get plenty of good jokes in, including the fact that Bosh has been having a tough time after his partner was transferred to Cleveland.

Tall Justice 2 with Chris Bosh from Funny Or Die

Turns out that videobombing isn’t Bosh’s only skill.

Photo of the Night

New England Patriots fans don’t get to see that smile often, but the team proved on Twitter that head coach Bill Belichick hasn’t changed a bit.

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Tweet of the Night

Boston won the United States Olympic Committee’s bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics on Thursday, and many people on Twitter were not on board with the decision.

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Video of the Night

In his 126th appearance on “The Late Show with Dave Letterman,” legendary sportscaster Marv Albert featured the best sports bloopers of all time on his “Albert Achievement Awards” segment.