CHANDLER, Ariz. — New England Patriots practices probably are more competitive than most NFL games.

Each day, one of the greatest quarterbacks and cornerbacks to ever play in the NFL face off for a couple hours, and it’s only continuing to improve each player.

“He’s been a huge asset to our team,” Tom Brady said of Darrelle Revis on Wednesday. “He’s a great player, he’s a great leader. He set a really great example for all the guys about how to practice and how to play. He’s a great competitor, hates when you complete passes on him. He’s been great to see out there covering the other teams’ best receivers.”

Revis paid Brady an even bigger compliment.

“It’s pretty awesome to go up against Brady all the time,” Revis said. “This guy is probably going to go down as probably the best player to play the game, the best quarterback to play the game. It’s great to get that competition when we practice against him in practice.”

Brady will face off against another one of the NFL’s best cornerbacks Sunday in Super Bowl XLIX with the Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman lined up on the left side of the field. Sherman and Revis have different styles, but going against an All-Pro and probable future Hall of Famer each day certainly can’t hurt Brady.

Thumbnail photo via Stephan Savoia/Associated Press