LeBron James Blows Alley-Oop Dunk Attempt; Kobe Bryant Cracks Up (Video)


At 30 years old, LeBron James isn’t exactly ready to collect social security. But in terms of NBA longevity, he’s no spring chicken.

James found out that Father Time is undefeated Thursday night, when he skied for what should have been an alley-oop dunk. Instead, James clanked the ball off the rim and into the crowd at Staples Center, where James’ Cleveland Cavaliers were taking on the Los Angeles Lakers.

At least James’ blooper brought a moment of levity. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, who at 36 knows a thing or two about how getting old affects a player’s legs, laughed and reportedly cracked, “That’s what old age gets you.”

James and the Cavs went on to win the game 109-102, so maybe James doesn’t need to worry about hanging up his sneakers just yet.

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