Add another guy to the list of people who aren’t buying Bill Belichick’s explanation.

A representative from Wilson, the NFL’s official football manufacturer, said the New England Patriots head coach’s reasoning for why the team’s footballs in the AFC Championship Game were under-inflated is a big load of garbage. In an interview with at a Super Bowl fan convention, Jim Jenkins showed he’s on Bill Nye’s side with just a few words.

“That’s B.S.,” Jenkins told “That’s B.S., man.”

Belichick held a press conference Saturday to once again state the Patriots didn’t commit any wrongdoing in this DeflateGate debacle. He also spouted out some scientific discourse in an effort to prove a specific preparation process and atmospheric conditions could have been to blame for the deflated footballs.

Wilson called shenanigans on that theory, though. Jenkins explained the entire inflation process to, saying that “maybe in a year or two” the PSI in a football would change because of being exposed to different environments, but that’s still a maybe.

Another Wilson rep also didn’t believe Belichick.

“Well, it couldn’t (deflate) unless something happened to a bladder, but that really doesn’t happen and there’s no other real way,” said Molly Wallace, Wilson’s director of experiential marketing.

According to Wallace, the footballs are game ready when they leave the factory, leaving Wilson just as clueless as the rest of us when it comes to how this whole controversy went down.

Thumbnail photo via Stew Milne/USA TODAY Sports Images