If you’re going to listen to one more DeflateGate take, it might as well come from Louis C.K.

The comedian and Boston native is unsurprisingly not taking the NFL’s latest controversy very seriously, saying Monday on the “Late Show With David Letterman” he finds the situation “hilarious.”

Letterman, a known¬†Indianapolis Colts fan, asked C.K., a known Patriots fan, why his team is so “oily.”

“Well, because they want to win real bad,” C.K. answered. “So sometimes you do stuff that’s not fair, so that you can win.”


C.K. went on to share his perspective on the entire scandal, and well, it didn’t disappoint.

“I have no problem with it,” he¬†said. “I think it’s hilarious. Why not? It’s a stupid football game. Just deflate the balls, poke a guy in the eye or whatever. It’s football.”

Louis gets it.

Check out all of his thoughts on deflated balls in the video below.