Kobe Bryant, Jimmy Fallon Reminisce About Making Beer Run In 1996 (Video)

Before Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Fallon were household names, they were just a couple of young dudes making a beer run together.

The Los Angeles Lakers star took a pretty awesome trip down memory lane during an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Wednesday night. The two recalled the first time they met at a party back in 1996 when Bryant was a lowly rookie riding the Lakers bench and Fallon was a struggling stand-up comedian.

Bryant and Fallon were asked to go restock the booze supply when it ran out at the party,¬†so they hopped in the guard’s Land Cruiser and hit the streets of Los Angeles to find some cold beverages. That turned out to be more difficult than they¬†thought it would be when they stopped at a delivery-only store, but Bryant saved the day with just a flash of his ID and three simple words: I’m a Laker.

Check out the great tale in entirety in the video below.

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