Sidney Crosby fights are almost as rare as Toronto Maple Leafs playoff appearances, so it’s a big deal when No. 87 drops the gloves.

One of those rare instances happened Thursday night as the Pittsburgh Penguins superstar finally had enough of his Columbus Blue Jackets nemesis Brandon Dubinsky.

Late in the second period, Crosby and Dubinsky got tied up deep in the Columbus zone after Dubinsky went to hit him with a big check. The Pittsburgh captain took exception to that, and as play headed back the other way, the two players tangled back behind the puck. Eventually, gloves were dropped and punches were thrown.

You can say what you want about Crosby’s attitude, style of play and general disposition, but he can throw a punch every now and then as Dubinsky found out when Crosby came over the top with a big right hand that looked to hit the mark.

According to, the fighting major was just the seventh of Crosby’s brilliant career. He dismissed the scrap after the game, saying “it wasn’t much of a fight really.”

Columbus went on to win 2-1.

Thumbnail photo via Charles LeClaire/USA TODAY Sports Images