Tuukka Rask just can’t help himself.

The Boston Bruins goalie is not one of the many professional athletes who claim not to know what’s said or written about them on the Internet. In an interview with Sportsnet, the reigning Vezina Trophy winner says he’ll search his own name from time to time.

“I like to see the pictures that are out there, if there’s any bad pictures,” Rask said in an question-and-answer session. “I keep myself in the loop with that stuff.”

Of course, Rask also realizes there’s not a whole lot you can do when you do find those “bad” pictures.

“No, just feel bad about yourself. That’s all,” he said.

The goalie also talked about embracing the pressure that comes with not only being a goalie, but being one of the best and highest-paid goalies in the NHL.

Yeah, I think you have to like (the pressure),” Rask said. “If you didn’t like it I don’t think you’d be good at the position.”

However, going unnoticed every now and then — if he was, say, a fourth-liner — wouldn’t be the worst thing, either.

“Oh yeah. It would be good sometimes. But then again you wouldn’t get paid that much and you wouldn’t be recognized that much.”

Thumbnail photo via Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports Images