Everyone’s trying to figure out what Chip Kelly is trying to do.

The Philadelphia Eagles head coach has been like a mad scientist in the last month, shipping out some of his best skill players, including his starting quarterback (Nick Foles) and starting running back (LeSean McCoy).

On the surface, it seems kind of crazy, no matter the return. However, former NFL linebacker Brady Poppinga sees things a different way. He wrote Friday on FootballByFootball.com that Kelly’s forward thinking opened doors to add players like DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews. Those additions will help balance the Philadelphia offense.

“Kelly has seen that a team can reach the playoffs being one-dimensional,” Poppinga wrote. “But to win championships a franchise needs power and speed. That is why Kelly traded an expensive bounce-cut, finesse running back for a chance to land runners that act as a better counter balance to the rest of his offense. ”

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