Cubs Burn Darren Rovell On Twitter After His Attempted Billy Goat Tweet

Darren Rovell is an ESPN guy on Twitter who’s made a nice living out of being on Twitter. Sometimes that leads to the occasional Twitter chirp.

Or the frequent Twitter chirp.

Rovell takes a pretty good beating on social media, but he kind of had it coming to him Wednesday when he tried to make a joke at the expense of the Chicago Cubs. Rovell tweeted a picture from a follower of the Cubs’ season ticket holder gift and gift box. In the background, you’ll notice, is a cat.

[tweet align=’center’]

The Cubs manually retweeted Rovell with a playful mention of the cat.

[tweet align=’center’]

That’s when Rovell decided it was time to take a jab at the Cubs by making reference to the Curse of the Billy Goat.

[tweet align=’center’]

Unsurprisingly, the Cubs came back over the top with this ruthless response.


When it comes to this little Twitter battle, Cubs win.

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