Actor Kyle Chandler didn’t know a whole lot about coaching when he took a role as Coach Taylor in the TV series “Friday Night Lights.” So, to prepare for the part, he decided to take a cue from one of the best in the business: New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

In an exclusive interview with “The Hollywood Reporter,” Chandler admitted he initially was reluctant to take the part due to lack of experience but used a little help from the Hooded One to get him through.

From the Reporter’s Lacey Rose:

The irony, of course, is that Chandler had reservations about taking the Coach Taylor role. “Billy Bob (Thornton) played the original coach (in the 2004 movie), and I thought, ‘I’m not old enough, I don’t have that,” he says. Plus, he wasn’t exactly a sports buff, much less an athlete.

“He’s not that guy who’s going to sit down on Sunday and watch eight hours of football,” says Taylor Kitsch (who played FNL’s Tim Riggins), with whom he bonded during long motorcycle rides. Chandler found inspiration in a biography of New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick but acknowledges: “I couldn’t coach my way out of a paper bag.” (He’s still asked to speak to coaches and teams and politely declines).

Chandler played a pretty convincing Coach Taylor, garnering multiple Emmy nominations for his role as the Dillon Panthers’ football coach, so we’re guessing it helped him out a bit to read the bio of a coach who already had won three Super Bowls with the Patriots by the time the show first aired in 2006.

Chandler also revealed that the cast won’t return to do a movie based on the show, so he can lay off the Belichick bios for now.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@SI_ExtraMustard