Jimmy Graham Calls Young Fan Who Cried After He Was Traded (Video)


We all hate to see our favorite players get traded. Lexia Woods just hates it more than most.

The seven-year-old New Orleans Saints fan was a huge supporter of Jimmy Graham, so she wasn’t too happy when the Pro Bowl tight end was traded to the Seattle Seahawks last week. Lexia’s mother captured her daughter’s reaction in a YouTube video, which included the young fan claiming she’d go wherever Graham goes, “no matter what team.”

Graham soon caught wind of the video and decided to take matters into his own hands, surprising Lexia and her mother with a phone call during their recent appearance on ESPN’s “SportsCenter.”

Not only did Graham thank Lexia for being such a huge fan, he also took the young girl for her word, offering to fly Lexia and her whole family out to Seattle for the team’s home opener so “we can experience my first game together.”

Graham undoubtedly will have plenty of fans in Seattle, but it looks like his biggest fan always will be back in New Orleans.

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