Lionel Messi is a huge international soccer superstar. Gheorghe Mureșan is just plain huge.

But why are we mentioning both the Barcelona star and the former NBA giant, who are separated by exactly two feet of height?

Messi’s Argentina national team squad is in the United States preparing for a Saturday exhibition with El Salvador, so the team decided to stop by the nation’s capital Wednesday night to check out a Washington Wizards game.

[tweet align=’center’] [tweet align=’center’]

Getting your own jersey is cool and all, but Messi was brought down to earth — literally — when he ran into the 7-foot-7 tower that is Mureșan. [tweet align=’center’]

The Wizards ended up losing a 103-101 nail-biter to the Indiana Pacers, but after seeing this photo of Messi staring in wonder at Mureșan like a small child, we’re all winners.