Mike Napoli doesn’t need to be conscious to reap the benefits of his recent sleep apnea surgery.

Napoli, who underwent a serious procedure over the offseason to alleviate a longstanding sleep issue, revealed in January he hadn’t had a dream in eight years before the surgery. The Boston Red Sox first baseman evidently is making up for lost time, though, as he recently detailed some pretty hilarious dreams to WEEI.com’s Rob Bradford down at spring training in Fort Myers.

“I was roller skating with old school roller skates, headband, jean shorts, tank top, old school earphones with the cassette player, skating through a city,” Napoli told Bradford of his first dream following the surgery. “Like dancing skating. Through cars, busses going by. I went by the Ritz and an NBA basketball team was checking into the hotel. Then, all of a sudden I ended up being in a mall, skating around the mall, just dancing around and going around and around the mall.

“I woke up and told my friend Blacky, ‘You won’t believe this dream I just had.’ He said, ‘You had a dream?’ I said, ‘Yeah, it was the (expletive).’ I don’t know why I remembered it, but I did. I had to tell somebody. I don’t know why was roller skating seeing an NBA basketball team.”

Napoli apparently had another dream in which he was a hockey player who lived in a Sam’s Club and ate nothing but cereal. So yeah, the slugger’s nights have been rather crazy of late.

Of course, the real benefit of undergoing the offseason surgery is that Napoli, who said he even considered retirement before the procedure, has had much more energy throughout the day.

But hey, the dreams are cool, too.

Thumbnail photo via Tommy Gilligan/USA TODAY Sports Images