NFL owners approved a rule change Wednesday, and the Baltimore Ravens seem pretty darn happy about it.

Owners on Wednesday passed a new rule regarding receiver eligibility. Fans might recall it was the Ravens who were left scratching their heads in last season’s playoffs, as the New England Patriots confused them by using new offensive formations.

After the game, Ravens coach John Harbaugh complained, calling the formation, which featured changing eligible receivers, “clearly deception.”

Well, NFL owners apparently agreed, as they OK’d the new rule. One of the first teams to announce that new rule was, of course, the Ravens. But in their excitement to spread the good news, they misspelled the word “ineligible.”



Now, typos happen, as anyone who writes or tweets for a living will attest. However, it’s not the greatest look when you not only misspell a word but also come off as generally petty in doing so, which is kind of what the Ravens did there.

This is just the latest in a growing line of social media missteps for Baltimore. The Ravens were hammered across the Internet and sports world last May for their social media handling of a news conference featuring then-Baltimore running back Ray Rice and his wife.

Two months later, the team’s senior vice president of public and community relations wrote a column with the headline “I Like Ray Rice,” and the team had no issue showcasing the standing ovation Rice received at a team workout (although that post has since been deleted).

Everything changed when shocking video from an Atlantic City casino elevator surfaced, and Rice eventually was released.

So yeah, maybe a one tiny misspelling and a side of sour grapes aren’t the worst things the Ravens have done in the last year. So kudos to them.