Goalie fights rarely feature legitimate bad blood. Instead, the combatants are just excited to live out a pugilistic dream.

That appeared to be the case Wednesday night in the American Hockey League in a game featuring the Utica Comets and the Binghamton Senators, as Utica’s Jacob Markstrom and Binghamton’s Peter Mannino.

The fight takes some time to develop, especially after Markstom is pulled from an already heated scrum between the teams’ two skaters. The Vancouver prospect was instructed to return to his net and given a stern talking-to from one of the referees. The lecture didn’t hit the mark, apparently. Before long, Markstrom was skating back out of his crease.

He was doing so to meet up with Mannino. The two agreed to drop the gloves and after some shadow-boxing, they finally started throwing fists. It didn’t look like anyone landed any big shots, and the two made sure to give each other credit after the “fight” ended.

As you can see in the photo below, Mannino appears to be smiling before he starts throwing punches, which pretty much sums up the entire fight.

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Markstrom was given 29 penalty minutes — including a game misconduct — and Mannino took 17 PIMs.

Things got even crazier in the third period, though, with seven goals being scored. Binghamton eventually won the game in overtime.

H/t to Canucks Army
Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@UticaComets