Caleb Joseph’s Imaginary Autograph From Orioles Game For Sale On eBay (Photo)

Sometimes, it’s the thought that counts.

That was the case for Caleb Joseph, who had a bit of fun Wednesday by signing an imaginary autograph and waving to a non-existent Camden Yards crowd before the Baltimore Orioles’ unprecedented contest against the Chicago White Sox.

The fake autograph was the Orioles catcher’s way of finding some humor amidst the tension caused by rioting outside the stadium’s walls.

It also produced one of the best eBay items we’ve ever seen.

Caleb Joseph autograph

The description of the item is even more awesome.

“Be a part of Baseball History with this 1-of-1 exclusive imaginary autograph signed by Caleb Joseph himself IRL. A must for a true collector and fan. Very Rare! Limited Access.”

Of course, you’re probably wondering what the heck an autograph that doesn’t exist looks like when it comes in the mail (there’s a $2.32 shipping fee). Fortunately, the “seller” decided to turn it into a good cause, promising to donate all proceeds from the sale to a charity of his choosing that would help the city of Baltimore recover from continuing riots and violent protests.

So hurry over to eBay and place your bid, because you never know when this collector’s item will disappear.

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