Dumb Mets Fan Wastes Beer By Trying To Throw It On Grady Sizemore (Video)


April 14, 2015

When you go to a baseball game, ice cold beer should be treated like gold.

When you’re out in a social setting, beer is always going to be expensive, whether it’s a restaurant or a bar. Beer prices enter a new stratosphere at sporting events, though, which is why one New York Mets fan outed himself as an idiot Monday.

During the Mets’ eventual 2-0 win over the hapless Philadelphia Phillies, a New York fan decided to waste a perfectly good beer. Phillies outfielder Grady Sizemore went to field a ball near the wall, which was just a chain-link fence separating the field and fans. The idiot Mets fan opted to try and splash some of his suds on Sizemore in an ill-fated attempt.

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