Shawn Oakman just did the best box jump in football. Care to disagree?

If you remember the meme that made the Baylor defensive end famous, we’re guessing you won’t.

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But if you have to audacity to defy Oakman and ask for video proof, we have that as well. Here’s the 6-foot-9, 280-pound redshirt junior at a recent training session.

Just to clarify, Oakman jumped 40 inches in the air, quite the feat in itself, while holding 140 pounds in his hands.

Of course, it could be argued J.J. Watt’s 61-inch box jump — unlike the attempt of a certain Gary Striewski — was more impressive. But, just to clear to Oakman, we’re not making that argument. We think you’re the best, Shawn. (Please don’t hurt us.)