Boston Red Sox president/CEO Larry Lucchino has high hopes for a proposed ballpark in Providence.

The Pawtucket Red Sox’s ownership group, headlined by Lucchino, last month unveiled plans to build an $85 million, 10,000-seat multipurpose stadium in downtown Providence. Lucchino released an op-ed in the Providence Journal earlier this week outlining the benefits of a new stadium as the group renegotiates its proposal.

“It is incumbent on the negotiators (and the public) to recognize the relative benefits that will accrue both to the public and private sectors if this transaction is to be properly structured,” Lucchino wrote.

Lucchino listed several reasons as to why a new downtown stadium housing the Red Sox’s Triple-A affiliate will prove beneficial for the state of Rhode Island. Those reasons include:

— Affordable family entertainment
— A catalyst for redevelopment
— Economic stimulation
— Tax generation
— New jobs
— An urban asset
— A vibrant downtown
— Public gathering place
— Preserving professional baseball
— A year-round, multipurpose park
— Charitable impact
— Growth potential

Lucchino went into each reason in great detail, so you’re certainly encouraged to check out the piece. The PawSox chairman even left everyone with a message that speaks to his enthusiasm about the topic.

“We invite you to join us on this journey,” Lucchino wrote. “We believe your children and your grandchildren will thank you.”

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Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@projo