If the latest leak proves accurate, Major League Baseball’s annual Fourth of July caps will be more star-spangled than ever this year.

Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch — the Internet’s most trusted resource on uniform-related matters — posted Monday a photo of what his source claims are the caps the Los Angeles Dodgers will wear this July 4.

dodgers caps

Only the Dodgers version was included, but fans can expect to see a similar design for each of the league’s 30 clubs.

While MLB has trotted out special Independence Day headwear for close to a decade now, the previous iterations only tweaked the color of the logo or the cap as a whole. This one has a design element never before seen in the majors: a sublimated pattern that covers two full panels.

Lukas, for one, is not a fan.

“This is the kind of American flag cap you’d find at a gas station (right next to the cheap sunglasses and the air freshener thingies), but with a team logo slapped on the front,” he wrote. “It’s tempting to call it self-parody, but it feels two or three levels more absurd than that. Come on, people — have some dignity out there.”


MLB teams also will be wearing special camouflage-accented caps — and jerseys — next week in honor of Memorial Day.

Photo via Uni-Watch