Even if the Seattle Seahawks don’t offer him a contract extension, Russell Wilson will have a nice insurance policy next season. Literally.

The Seahawks quarterback will play the final season of his rookie deal with an insurance policy worth millions that will protect him in the case of a season-ending injury, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported earlier this week.

It’s a smart move by Wilson — or any NFL player, for that matter — to purchase insurance, as major injuries leave countless players sidelined every season. Yet the insurance factor rarely is mentioned when discussing current or hopeful NFL players. Fortunately, former NFL quarterback Brady Quinn has firsthand experience, having purchased a disability insurance policy while at Notre Dame.

In his latest piece on FootballByFootball.com, Quinn sheds some light on the role insurance plays in the NFL, and how Wilson’s potential new contract could be an industry game-changer.

“Seahawks (general manager) John Schneider previously has mentioned an ‘unconventional contract’ for Wilson, which prompted many to believe Wilson could receive the first fully guaranteed contract extension for a QB,” Quinn writes. “… Wilson’s contract could be ground-breaking not only for players, but league economics as a whole. This domino effect would force the NFL to create league-wide insurance plans, similar to the NBA and NHL.”

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