Celtics Draft Pick Terry Rozier Hates Squirrels, Won’t Play Hoops Around Them

by NESN Staff

June 25, 2015

Terry Rozier might want to avoid Boston Common. Or the Public Garden. Or any backyard in the metropolitan area.

You see, the Celtics’ first-round draft pick is deathly afraid of squirrels — you know, the little annoying creatures that stare into your soul while they dig through your garbage cans.

It all goes back to childhood trauma for the Louisville guard, who claims a squirrel attacked him when he was little.

“They?re too sneaky to me,” Rozier told the Louisville Courier-Journal last year. “I had a hoop in the backyard, and the lady that lived next door had bird food out of (a bird feeder). All of the squirrels would be over there just to eat the bird food. I never used to go out to my backyard to go hoop when there were a lot of them back there. When it broke, she took it down, and it was just like, ?Yes, I can finally go in my backyard and hoop because no more squirrels will come around.? They?re just sneaky to me.”

Rozier isn’t wrong on the sneaky part, but being scared of squirrels? Really?

“I don?t trust squirrels,” Rozier said.

Well, he has a point there. Who does?

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