Even when Johnny Manziel is trying to behave himself, he winds up in controversy.

The Cleveland Browns quarterback has certainly done a better job of keeping himself out of the news recently following a stint in rehab. Over the weekend, however, he found one heckler to be a little too aggressive and might have gotten just a little carried away.

Manziel was back in his home state of Texas for the PGA Tour’s Byron Nelson Classic where he was catching up with friends and family. The QB wanted to make the weekend all about spending time with those closest to him, so he wasn’t willing to take photographs with fans. This upset one fan of Texas A&M, Manziel’s alma mater, who repeatedly badgered Manziel for a photo, according to reports.

Eventually, Manziel became flustered and reportedly threw a water bottle at the fan.

“There was a kid — I’ll call him a kid, he was 18 — at the pool area,” Irving Police information director James McLellan told ESPN.com  “The kid had been asking (Manziel) for a couple hours for his autograph, and he wouldn’t give it to him.

“That turned into badgering on the kid’s part, and it reached the point where Johnny Manziel threw a bottle of water at the kid. I don’t know if it hit him. I guess I would say that ramped it up a bit.”

A friend of Manziel told ESPN.com that the incident was sparked when the fan yelled “Good luck never starting in the NFL.” The friend also said the throw was more like a football spike.

According to the ESPN report, the 32-ounce water bottle was about three-qurters full, and missed the fan. One witness told police that the bottle hit a brick wall.

Naturally, the fan made fun of the throw with a “Good throw, Johnny,” comment, Manziel’s friend told ESPN.com.

Police and security eventually intervened and broke things up. No charges were filed and Manziel and his crew left, which ended the situation, McLellan told ESPN.com.

Thumbnail photo via Ken Blaze/USA TODAY Sports Images