Brady Quinn: NFL Quarterbacks’ Arm Preparation A Complicated Process

It’s not hard to argue the quarterback position requires plenty of mental effort. But it also takes a significant toll on the body, specifically on a QB’s arm.

Similar to a pitcher’s arm in baseball, a quarterback’s throwing arm is his livelihood, and thus must be treated as such. NFL quarterbacks will make thousands of throws over the course of the season, and it’s important that each is delivered with precision and strength.

So how do QBs manage to keep their arms in working condition from the beginning of training camp to Week 17? Brady Quinn speaks from experience in saying it’s not exactly a simple process.

A quarterback’s arm preparation starts in the weight room, Quinn says, where shoulder and back exercises can help strengthen key muscle groups. From there, a variety of techniques are used to help heal the arm after rigorous use, including Active Release Techniques (ARTs) and Muscle Activation Techniques (MATs).

Every quarterback uses some combination of recovery techniques and exercises, Quinn writes, but make no mistake: They’re all hard at work in making sure their arms are in tip-top shape.

The term “offseason” is an oxymoron for quarterbacks,” Quinn writes on

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Thumbnail photo via Charles LeClaire/USA TODAY Sports Images