Brook Lopez: I’m ‘Robin Lopez Kryptonite’, Brother ‘Loses Better Than I Do’


Brook Lopez is staying in New York, having signed a three-year, $60-million contract with the Brooklyn Nets. By the sound of it, he’s thrilled to have his twin brother coming, too — not to hang out with, but to kick around.

Robin Lopez also is becoming a New Yorker, as the 7-footer reportedly agreed to a four-year, $54 million deal with the Knicks as a free agent. Brook joined WFAN’s “Joe & Evan” to reintroduce himself to Brooklynites, but it was clear he was more interested in feeding the flames of his sibling rivalry with his brother.

“I did help recruit my brother to the Knicks, but as a non-Knicks supporter,” Brook said. “I think he’s going to be a detriment to them, absolutely. … I’m kind of the Robin Lopez Kryptonite, and there’s a lot of Robin Lopez Kryptonite in the world.”

So, right off the bat, Brook dissed his bro and dropped a comic book reference. Anything else, Brook, perhaps about their potential co-living situation, that only people under 30 will find hilarious?

“I’m going to kind of go the Harry Potter route, like the Dursleys kept Harry Potter under the staircase in the cupboard,” Brook told the show. “Something like that.”

Jeez, Brook. Isn’t there anything your brother does better than you?

“He loses better than I do,” he said. “I know that.”

Ah, brothers.

H/t Ball Don’t Lie

Thumbnail photo via Dale Zanine/USA TODAY Sports Images

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