Chandler Parsons Demolishes DeAndre Jordan After Flip-Flop: ‘He Was Scared’


DeAndre Jordan decided Wednesday to bail on his agreed-upon contract with the Dallas Mavericks and sign with the Los Angeles Clippers, and folks in Dallas are not pleased.

That includes Mavericks forward Chandler Parsons, who offered his take on the situation Thursday in a lengthy Q&A with’s Tim MacMahon.

You can (and should) read the full piece here, but we selected a few of the highlights.

On his reaction to Jordan’s decision: “I?m shocked, very disappointed, frustrated, disrespected. This is something that I?ve never seen in my career, and I know that it doesn?t happen very often. When a man gives you his word and an organization his word, especially when that organization put in so much effort and I walked him through this process and was very, very open and willing to work with him, it?s just very unethical and disrespectful.?

On whether the Mavs should have done anything differently: “No chance. We did everything we can. We put it all out in front of him. There is nothing more that we could have physically, emotionally possibly done to make him feel more comfortable and to make him stay and sign with Dallas. I guess maybe I could have stayed with him in L.A. or Houston and held his hand throughout the entire process, but I didn?t think that ever I would have to do something like that.?

On how Jordan’s spurning hurts Dallas from a roster standpoint: ?That?s the worst part. He put our entire franchise and our team in a really, really tough spot. We put all our eggs in the DeAndre Jordan basket and we had a commit from him. We had a man?s word that he was going to come here. Then we signed Wes Matthews and we had myself, we had three key building blocks for the future that are young going forward.

?Every day since he committed and every day before he committed, guys were coming off the board. It?s slim pickings now.”

On Jordan not returning Mavs owner Mark Cuban’s calls: ?The kind of guy that he is, the kind of guy I thought he is, would never do something like that. That?s tough for me to swallow, just from the fact that I know how excited Mark was. I know how invested Mark has been throughout this whole process. That?s what I don?t get.

?Be a professional. Pick up the phone. … Do not make him sit there and sweat it out. That?s just very unprofessional. I can?t get over that part.?

On why Jordan might have backed out: ?He wasn?t ready for being a franchise player. He was scared. He was scared to take the next step in his career. There was no other reason other than that he was comfortable and he has friendships there. How you make a business decision like that is beyond me.”

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