John Oliver Skewers Sepp Blatter, Vladimir Putin, FIFA Sponsors (Video)


John Oliver’s position as a comedic adversary to some of the world’s most powerful figures is secure.

Oliver again aimed his unique wit at FIFA on Sunday in the latest episode of “Last Week Tonight” on HBO. Sepp Blatter was the butt of Oliver’s jokes, as usual, but this time the popular comedian included Russia president Vladimir Putin and FIFA sponsor McDonald’s in his segment. Oliver also touched on the luxury bond that former FIFA executive Jeffrey Webb posted in order to secure his release from detention while answering corruption charges in U.S. federal courts.

But most of Oliver’s latest riff centered around the FIFA and Russian presidents. Blatter and Putin famously aired public support for each other in recent days, sparking a collective gasp from some parts of the soccer world. Here’s Oliver’s response:

Oliver has become one of the go-to sources to learn about many of the allegations against FIFA.

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Thumbnail photo via YouTube/The Connector

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