When Pedro Martinez joined the Boston Red Sox, he helped change the “culture” and brought with him legions of new fans.

That’s something his former teammates saw firsthand.

“You heard him say it to himself — he was the bridge,” Tim Wakefield said on “Red Sox Gameday Live” before the Red Sox hosted the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday. “We talk about how much the culture changed around here when Pedro got here, and for him to be the bridge to — can you imagine being the person that was the bridge that brought most of the Latin American players to Boston, Latin American fans to Boston?

“It was a part every time he pitched. It changed the culture in the stands. It made it more electric every time he pitched. It revived the rivalry between New York when he pitched. Everything about Pedro was electric and fun. I know it means a lot for him to have the city of Boston applaud him for going into the Hall of Fame.”

Hear more from Wakefield and Martinez in the video above.

Thumbnail photo via Gregory J. Fisher/USA TODAY Sports Images