Serena Williams looks ready for some long rest and relaxation after her winning her 6th Wimbledon title Saturday — or maybe just a day’s worth.

Williams served up some Instagram posts Tuesday, including a beach shot and a video of her eyebrows getting some love.

Beach day in Sweden #SerenaSlam #renasarmy

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Looks like she’s enjoying a long, well-deserved vacation, right? Wrong.

Williams will begin competing in the SkiStar Swedish Open on Wednesday, only four days after capturing the Wimbledon crown. Even at 33 years old, the women’s tennis star doesn’t appear to have an “off” button, although most competitors probably wish she did.

While Williams definitely earned her small dose of rest and glamour Tuesday, chilling out just isn’t her style and one day of vacation is plenty.

Sorry, Sweden. Serena won’t be hanging around for too long. We want her back in America.