There are a lot of factors that go into an impressive goal in soccer. Trinidad & Tobago’s dramatic tally Wednesday night had them all.

The Soca Warriors were tied with Mexico nearing the end of their group stage match at the CONCACAF Gold Cup. In the first minute of stoppage time, though, Trinidad & Tobago conceded a heartbreaking own goal to give Mexico what appeared to be the game-winner.

That’s when things got crazy.

Less than four minutes later, with stoppage time running out, Trinidad & Tobago earned a last-minute corner kick. As Joevin Jones lined up to take the kick, Mexico’s fans started pelting him with trash. After looking around in disbelief, Jones decided to fire the corner kick anyway amid the debris. It was spot-on.

Not only did Yohance Marshall’s perfectly placed header salvage a 4-4 tie, but it also sealed a Group C win for the Soca Warriors and set up a date with Panama in the quarterfinals.

Winning your group on a last-second goal while opposing fans hurl trash in your direction? Yeah, we’d say that’s a pretty good way to win.