Is Chad Mendes finally getting into Conor McGregor’s head?

McGregor is a master at mind games, but Mendes used the final press conference for the UFC 189 main event to take a poke at his opponent’s alleged weight issues before their interim featherweight title fight Saturday night.

For the second time in two days, McGregor was asked about comments made by former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen, who said last week that McGregor told him he was 27 pounds over the 145-pound featherweight limit.

“He looks scrawny,” Mendes told reporters and several hundred fans gathered inside the Ka Theatre at MGM Grand on Thursday. “He’s cutting too much weight.”

McGregor, wearing sunglasses, sat stoically and did not respond to Mendes. But he repeated his denial that weight will not be an issue at Friday’s weigh-in.

“I do not mess around with this game,” McGregor said. “I take this game very, very seriously. That’s why I’ve been out here in the desert for the last 12 weeks with my team. My weight is on point. I will be 145 at the weigh-in and I’ll be an absolute monster inside the Octagon.”


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Thumbnail photo via Jason Silva/USA TODAY Sports Images