It didn’t take long for Bill O’Brien’s pottymouth to be exposed on Tuesday night’s season premiere of “Hard Knocks.”

“When you (expletive) guys show up to practice tomorrow,” O’Brien said to his coaching staff in the first scene of the first episode, “they better be ready to (expletive) go.”

Well, it’s not like O’Brien didn’t warn us. The Houston Texans head coach said ahead of the debut that his foul language would be exposed. With that in mind, he proactively apologized to his mother.

“Yeah, I need to stop swearing, or cut it down at least,” O’Brien told reporters Wednesday, per the Texans’ website. “My brother texted me, he thought it was awesome. My mom texted me, she didn’t think it was too awesome.”

O’Brien’s penchant for the f-word continued throughout the first show, including a couple of speeches to his team and upon learning running back Arian Foster had injured his groin.

This isn’t the first time O’Brien has been in trouble with his mother for his language. In 2011, when O’Brien was the New England Patriots’ offensive coordinator, he got into a serious shouting match with quarterback Tom Brady. That verbal war included multiple f-bombs from O’Brien. He also heard from Mom for that one, too.

h/t to FOX Sports

Thumbnail photo via Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports Images