We’d say NFL Hall of Famer and ESPN commentator Cris Carter is the moron of the day, but the league he used to play for is right there with him.

Apparently taking air out of a football is a national controversy that demands punishment, but if you get into actual trouble and break the law, you should just stay out of dodge and get a fall guy.

At least that’s what Carter, who continually has ripped New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for his alleged role in Deflategate, thinks.

Video of Carter speaking at the 2014 NFL rookie symposium resurfaced recently after former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland, who retired this offseason at 24 years old, said he was “shocked” at what a former player told him and his fellow rookies at the event. Borland wouldn’t name the player, but it didn’t take a lot of research for the Internet to figure things out.

Carter is standing alongside fellow Hall of Famer Warren Sapp — you know, the guy who was arrested in February for allegedly soliciting prostitution and then arrested again in June for allegedly beating up his girlfriend — who immediately laughed and repeated the final message: “We’ll get them out.”

Nice role models you’ve got there.

The NFL seemingly condoned this message as well, as the video had been posted on their website since the event took place. Of course, once the public was upset about it, the video was removed from the website.

Sounds like this latest incident is just par for the course.

The URL for the video (http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-videos/0ap2000000361495/Rookies-learn-life-lessons-from-Sapp-and-Carter) still exists at NFL.com, but seemingly redirects to the most recently uploaded highlight.

Too little, too late, guys.

UPDATE (11:45 p.m. ET): The NFL released a statement on the matter.

“This was an unfortunate and inappropriate comment made by Cris Carter during the 2014 NFC rookie symposium. The comment was not representative of the message of the symposium or any other league program. The league’s player engagement staff immediately expressed concern about the comment to Cris. The comment was not repeated in the 2014 AFC session or this year’s symposium.”

As did Carter’s employer, ESPN.

“We completely disagree with Cris’s remarks and we have made that extremely clear to him. Those views were entirely his own and do not reflect our company’s point of view in any way.

Carter also tweeted an apology.

[tweet https://twitter.com/criscarter80/status/635604086633721856 align=’center’]

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Thumbnail photo via NFL.com