Don Cherry Defends Tom Brady, Tells Haters To ‘Give Your Head A Shake’


August 5, 2015

Tom Brady’s approval rating north of the border might be on the way up.

The New England Patriots quarterback has received plenty of support in New England in the wake of Deflategate, and now he should have backing from Canada after one of the country’s most famous figures has come to his defense.

Hockey legend Don Cherry took to Twitter on Wednesday to rant and rave about what Brady’s had to go through in recent days, weeks and months. His Twitter feed is a little convoluted, so here’s a transcript of what his 12 tweets on the matter said. (He might have gotten a few of his facts wrong, too.)

“The (four)-game suspension of Tom brady has been in the headlines more than anything else. There’s no hard evidence but it’s suggested he cheated to win the (Super Bowl, sic). He’s accused which to me is unfair. Let’s go over why the media is so agreeable to go along with the suspension.

“This is my opinion to what happened and everyone in entitlted to an opinion. The subject Tom Brady has a lot against him: he’s rich, he’s good looking, married to a supermodel, great athlete, winner and MVP of the (Super Bowl). He is one of the most confident athletes I have ever seen. Do you really think he would cheat to win? He would think that an insult. Me, Tom Brady has to stoop to a chintzy thing like deflating the football to beat Seattle. (sic) If you want to blame anybody, blame the league for not having the footballs under their control. For instance, when I was at the Jays game, visiting Josh Donaldson, the umpires invited me into their room. I noticed a basket full of baseballs ready for the game. They were under their control. How could the NFL let the footballs be under the control of the home team?

“Bush league for sure. Tom Brady is not a cheat. Now people in the organization, I don’t know. But Brady has too much to lose. Besides he was better in the (second) half (of the Super Bowl, sic). Brady, I feel is protecting those two kids that were in charge of the footballs. He is taking the hit for them. That’s what you’d expect from him.

“Come on folks, the greatest quarterback who ever lived tells somebody to deflate the footballs so he can win? Give your head a shake.”

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