NESN’s Boston Red Sox color commentator Jerry Remy and reporter Tom Caron sat down together recently to discuss their respective battles with cancer. Remy overcame lung cancer in 2008, while TC was diagnosed with lymphoma in April.

Remy’s fight was particularly hard for the announcer, as he came down with pneumonia and an infection after the surgery. That, on top of the fact that he couldn’t do the work he loves, led to a deep depression.

“That’s what made me depressed,” Remy told Caron. “Not the fact that I had cancer. The effect that the cancer had on me, that I couldn’t do my job. And that’s what got me depressed. And it took me a good six weeks to break out of that depression, thinking about the cancer, thinking about that I couldn’t work, thinking about the infection, and it just went deeper and deeper and deeper, and it was like there was no way out.”

Remy did say that hearing from fans was inspiring and helped him get through his ordeal.

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Hear more from Remy and Caron in the video above.